Students, candidates and parents are facing myriads of issues like non-transparent admission process, non-refund of fees, discrimination in admission and false information regarding educational institutions. There have also been unprecedented rise in complains regarding victimization of students, sexual harassment, ragging, lack of safety, substandard infrastructure and poor facilities in schools and colleges.

Growing number of higher educational institutions in India and their commercialization has led to rise in variety of problems that people are facing today. With commercialization of education, the focus has shifted from imparting quality education to making profit. If you are facing an issue which you find wrong, you must seek an explanation and reach a logical conclusion. Share your problem and ask us to assist you, we will guide you through, we know how and what you should do so that you get the response you want. Assistance Fee : INR 250/-

If you have been a victim, irrespective of whether you are a doctor or a patient, you must raise your grievance and immediately get your concerns addressed. Our team of lawyers and doctors precisely understand your complain and then draft for you along with providing you legal guidance. We understand your issue precisely as we are experienced in medico-legal matters.

P.S.- Complying with the professional ethics, we do not accept service requests from both the parties in the same matter, irrespective of nature of matter. Therefore, we reserve the right to decline the service request and refund the service fee paid by you. Assistance Fee : INR 250/-

If you have issues with builder or if you are facing problem in your housing society and discussions are not helping, you have a number of options available to solve your problem. You spend your hard earned money to buy a property and then you find yourself in a situation wherein you feel helpless and harassed for reasons that are not logical. In recent times there has been increase in number of such complaints by individual apartment owners against CHS office bearers and builders.

If you are feeling victimised, it's time that you put an end to that feeling. Write to the appropriate authorities and see the impact, ask us for assistance. Assistance Fee : INR 250/-

Electricity bill related issues have been a big problem for citizens across all states in India. Inflated bill, faulty meters and bill without usage has been some of the most common problems that people have been facing. To add to the pain, the department or the companies are least empathetic when you approach them to lodge your grievances.

Writing to the concerned authorities/officer/department legally is the best solution to get your complaint registered and to get the issue resolved on priority. After you send them your complaint legally, they don't only become accountable for the delay in rectifying their mistakes but they also become liable to get penalized for the harassment that is caused to you. Assistance Fee : INR 250/-

Telecommunication is an integrated part of our life and there are a number of problems that telecom consumers face at the hands of service providers. It is highly stressful, time consuming and frustrating for subscribers to reach the right officer of the service provider and to get the grievance addressed. The telecom companies in India are regulated by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) and are under obligation to provide a resolution to every complaint you make. If you are facing a problem, reach out to us to get the complaint drafted and to ensure that you get a resolution to you complaint through appropriate channel. Assistance Fee : INR 250/-

If you do not find your category of problem specifically mentioned anywhere on the website, you can place a service request on this page and we will write for you to safeguard your rights. There are countless issues that affect an individual’s rights in daily life. Hence, the most common problems that people face have been separately mentioned on the website. Assistance Fee : INR 250/-

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