RTI has given citizens the power to question the government for what they do and also for works they don’t do. Some of the issues you frequently face have been listed on this page for your convenience.

RTI gives results only when your RTI application perfectly drafted. Applications having even slightest of scope for the government authorities to escape becomes useless. It wastes at least 45 days or sometime even more as the applicant receives no response at all. We have expertise in drafting which can help you getting your RTI answered more effectively, that too at your own convenience. All you need is to share your issues with us and we will guide you right from drafting the application to sending it to the most appropriate government officer, empowering you to follow it up until you get the answer. Assistance Fee : INR 250/-

About Us

Legal awareness and awareness of rights are basic necessities. However, due to the reason of cost, time and trust, legal consultancy remains inaccessible to most of us. Likhwalo.com is an initiative to address this problem. We endeavour to make legal awareness not only accessible but also useful in your day-to-day lives. Read more....