*Mr. Patil's story

Mr. Patil, a serviceman, is an investor who has made investments in shares. He has a demat account with a renowned Indian share broking company where his RM assists him in share trading. One day he received emails and SMS from the company that he has purchased shares worth Rs. 5 lac. Mr. Patil was shocked and by the time he could do anything, the price of the shares dipped. He made a phone call to the company and was informed that the share trading was done on his telephonic instructions to the RM and that he himself is responsible for the monetary losses and was told that in addition to the loss he was liable to pay the brokerage also. This response from the broking company came as a bigger shock to him as he had never asked his RM to trade on his behalf. We provided the draft email to Mr. Patil for him to formally communicate the complaint to the company. This was done keeping in view various laws applicable including the agreement signed by Mr. Patil at the time of account opening. Mr. Patil was immediately called for a meeting where on our advice he sought a resolution. The company unwillingly to pay, negotiated with Mr. Patil. It took 8 days and four written communications to make the broking company to concede his genuine demands and he got all his lost money back. Mr. Patil had very less hope to get his lost money back and was apprehensive of fighting against a big company. We made him his own Advocate and he solved his problem on his own.

*Mrs. Rao's story

Mrs. Rao is an IT professional working with an US company in India from last more than two years. She applied for maternity leave and the company rolled out a new maternity policy which said that she would get half of her salary during the maternity leave and the remaining half salary would be paid in subsequent three months after she joins back. The company reserved the right to forfeit her half unpaid salary in case she decided to quit working after availing maternity leave of three months. Mrs. Rao being an engineer was not aware of laws that were meant for her. Likhwalo made her communicate to the HR department and advised her on how to assert her rights. Within two days she got a response that the organization would look into her complaint. Nothing happened for another ten days. On Likhwalo’s advise a reminder was sent and within two days she got a reply that made her victorious. The HR department replied that they have no problem in providing full month salary during maternity leave and also informed that the company is in process of amending the Maternity Leave Policy of the organization. Needless to mention Mrs. Rao reserves her right to become a full time mother after availing the maternity leave, without compensating the company for it.

*Ms. Sharma's story

Ms. Sharma is an investment banker which requires her to travel within and outside India very frequently. When she travels she requires punching the booking details in an internal portal which is further taken care of by another department. Ideally the cost of various booking is to be paid by her organization but due to delayed approval of the costs the amount used to get deducted from her salary and then reimbursed after a month or more. Ms. Sharma felt that she should not pay from her pocket initially or get paid later for the travel when organization’s policy doesn’t say that. She raised a concern and was replied bluntly that the money was deducted and paid later every time because of negligence on her part. The email was copied to different departments and also to senior officials of her vertical. She decided not to compromise on her rights and be falsely blamed for something only because she resisted a wrong. Needless to mention, keeping quiet would have impacted her credibility within the organization. Team Likhwalo advised her and provided her with a draft which permanently solved her problem without negatively affecting her relationship with all associated executives. Using Likhwalo’s draft, she highlighted the matter in a way that not only further established her sincerity and credibility within the organization but also ensured that her concerns are never taken for granted. Now she rights for her rights on her own and reaches out to us when required.

*Mr. Rajsekhran's story

Mr. Rajsekhran subscribed to a data card services provided by a leading telecom company but soon he had to relocate to another town for professional reasons. He called up the customer care and requested them to disconnect the services. His request was accepted and he paid the outstanding. After two months he started getting calls from recovery agents at odd hours. He communicated with the company at many occasions but it did not help. After six months he received a legal notice through email in which he was asked to pay six months charges although he had not used the services. Likhwalo.com provided drafts to Mr. Rajsekhran so that he could put forth his grievance in a way that renders results. It took two written communications for him to resolve the dispute without him surrendering to the unreasonable demand of the company. Likhwalo.com made him his own Advocate whereas as per Mr. Rajsekhran himself he would have paid the amount only to get rid of the stress and anxiety it was causing to him. Now he is more vocal than ever before when it comes to justice.

*Names of the beneficiaries are withheld/changed to protect their identity.

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