We spend half of our lives at work and so it’s impossible to have a workplace where we do not face problems. Conflicts, communication problems, bullying, intimidation, harassment, discrimination, biased appraisal, victimization in the name of performance, undue pressure for sales, withholding the reimbursements, denying rightful leaves, non-payment of gratuity are some of the issues which are widely prevalent at workplaces. Such problems cause anxiety, depression, and lack of confidence to name a few and affect one’s personal life in a way that inturn impacts the whole family. An employee finds it easier to change the organization not realizing that change is not the solution as these problems are inherent to every workplace. The permanent solution is to learn to claim your rights skilfully and end the issues right in the beginning. If you are facing any kind of harassment or issue at your workplace that you find inappropriate, you need to raise a precise complaint and seek immediate solution. The solution you get is solely based on what you write in your claim how you write. We not only help you understand the laws related to your workplace but also help you in your fight for justice. The best part is that we are invisible to people in your office, making you truly empowered. Assistance Fee : INR 250/-

if a complaint has been escalated against you at your workplace, it’s your right to defend yourself. Defending needs a very firm and precise strategy keeping in view that settling acomplaint without geting clear of the charges made against you, may cause harm to you even in future. First complaint doesn’t only make you vulnerable to the second complaint but is also a potential threat to your job in times to come.

If a show cause notice has been issued to you, your response to it needs to be very strong and precise. We help you in drafting your reply keeping in view all laws so that your rights and interests are defended in best manner possible. Please note that not always a formal show cause notice is issued to an employee, even a simple email from your Manager maybe of the nature of a show-cause notice, if it is against you.

Please remember that it’s never too late to speak for your rights. Do reach out to us if you think it’s very late for you to act. Assistance Fee : INR 250/-

Query in context of your workplace is the first communication carried out by you in relation to something that you find out of place but are not sure about it. Initiating a communication in the nature of a query is recommended as it is the first step towards resolving a problem, that too much before it grows big. It also portrays you as an aware employee who cannot betaken for granted at workplace. Anything that directly or indirectly relates to something that affects you in any manner must not be ignored. Communication is the key to resolving adispute and when it is done in advance, it ends the problem much before it grows into adispute. When you write for your rights, it remains forever and has a lasting impact on others. Assistance Fee : INR 250/-

If you do not find your category of problem specifically mentioned anywhere on the website, you can place a service request on this page and we will write for you to safeguard your rights. There are countless issues that affect an individual’s rights in daily life. Hence, the most common problems that people face have been separately mentioned on the website. Assistance Fee : INR 250/-

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