It’s an initiative of eCredible Legal Consultants (eCLC), to empower citizens by making them awaer about their legal rights and duties and enabling them to resolve their daily life legal problems themselves, amicably.

When you write to the appropriate authority or person about your complaint or issues, the person receiving your correspondence becomes accountable to reply. This in turn means he becomes answerable to you about what actions he has taken or will take to address your concerns. Oral communications can be conveniently denied and that creates another dispute causing more bitterness.

By using our expert services, you can expect the following:

  • 1.  Getting rid of stresses of daily life issues which affect you, your family and also your work.
  • 2.  A Change in the way a person or organisation behaves with you.
  • 3.  A promise that a person or company won't do something that you have raised your voice about.
  • 4.  Getting something you have purchased replaced, if it must be.
  • 5.  An apology.
  • 6.  An explanation for what has bothered you.
  • 7.  A mistake of yours corrected without compromising your rights or dignity.
  • 8.  A relief that you deserve to get.
  • 9.  A foolproof draft that makes it difficult for your opponent to get away without addressing your concerns.

  • 1.  You get a complete solution at one place without you having to go anywhere, irrespective of whether you are at home or travelling.
  • 2.  It eliminates stress from your life as you have a reliable lawyer by your side.
  • 3.  You have the subject matter expert helping you resolve your problem.
  • 4.  It resolves your problem faster, without affecting your relations with the opposite party.
  • 5.  You fearlessly assert your rights and avail them.
  • 6.  Absolute privacy is maintained. There are a lot of issues which you may not wish to share with your friends and relatives. We understand that and respect your privacy
  • 7. You are educated on the matter so that you can address the problem on your own in future.

Yes, it will. “Pen is mightier than sword”. Claiming your rights or speaking against wrong has always been challenging but it is only writing that has always worked and will always work. Our experience is that even most complex matters get resolved with persistent writing and communication.

It depends on the nature of matter for which you choose to write. Government communications take at least 30 days whereas other communications in daily life takes anywhere from few hours to few days.

All drafts provided to you from are written and vetted by an expert team of trained lawyers who are advised by our panel of domain specialists and communication experts. E.g. If you have issues related to insurance claim, a lawyer who knows the insurance laws will draft your complaint with inputs from experts who have worked in insurance industry and a communication specialist.

If you don’t get the desired result, then it clearly means that the other party is not willing to resolve the issues. In such cases you will have to escalate the matter to next level. Likhwalo is equipped with the resources and capabilities to pursue the matter until it is resolved.

Yes. If you need to write email related to any matter that affects you in any manner, then you are at the right place.

The first time you avail our services for a matter, we provide one complimentary draft. In most of the cases involving exchange of emails from your end, issue gets resolved within two emails. To avail further services, you will have to make further payments. Please note that complimentary draft is not provided in Government communications.

Being excellent in English is not enough. When you are facing injustice or discrimination, when you have some complaint or dispute, what you need is an excellent legal writing keeping in view all relevant laws that can help you. A lawyer has a completely different approach towards looking at an issue. A lawyer takes a comprehensive care of long term implications while drafting or writing even smallest communication in daily life.

What makes you believe that the communication you have already received is not based on a lawyer’s advice? What makes you believe that if you communicate on your own without keeping the legality in mind, the other party will choose to ignore its interest by carrying out a casual communication with you?
You must realize that every organization has a legal department which continuously advises the HR and all other departments of the organizations on what to do and what not to do, on how to do and how not to do. Organizations which do not have in-house legal department empanel lawyers who provide consultations as and when required. So, it is necessary for you to be an aware citizen and know that it is wise to be sincere right from the beginning to get your issues resolved.

The uniqueness of our service is that we write in a manner that no one comes to know that it has been jointly written by industry as well as legal experts. We draft the communication and give it to you and it’s you who further use it from your end. We ensure that there are no legal terminologies used and yet all your rights are safeguarded. By drafting your communications in consonance with the basic principles of laws, applicable laws and industry specific practices, we empower you in such a manner that nothing lets you go on back foot.

In case we observe that there are requirements of drafting a duly legal communication, our representative will talk to you to discuss the matter before proceeding to work on your request for draft.

You do not need our services if you are equipped with the following:

  • 1.  Knowledge of your rights and how and when they can or should be exercised.
  • 2.  Thorough understanding of different laws that are related to your problem.
  • 3.  A clear knowledge of which action or omission of yours can go against you today and even years down the line.
  • 4.  A clear understanding of the options your opponent have and how and when they can avail it.
  • 5.  A clear understanding of how your own interest can be protected without affecting your relations.
  • 6.  A clear and flawless strategy for getting what you want.
  • 7.  Art of negotiation to settle the issue without compromising your own interest.

Availing legal consultancy for specific problems is not only expensive but also time consuming. has only kept a token price for all the kinds of queries only to discourage frivolous requests and misuse of law. Still, if you may find these prices discouraging, don’t give up on your rights. Just drop us a line about your special circumstances at and we shall help you.

The volume of work we receive from people in India and Indians abroad makes the business model of our social enterprise a very sustainable one.

Yes. You can share your problem in Hindi and English but we will provide the solution only in English. There will be no additional cost if you place a request in Hindi.

We accept the following modes of payment:

  • *   Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club)
  • *   Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, RuPay)
  • *   Netbanking (We support all major banks in India)

We accept payments from domestic Indian cards only.

The Turn-around-time (TAT) is 48 hours. We commit to deliver the services within 48 hours from the moment you place your order but we endeavour to deliver in minimum possible time.

Yes. You can place an urgent request between 9am to 5pm by forwarding your SR details to with subject “Urgent”. Likhwalo team will review your matter immediately and our representative will talk to you over the phone within 2 working hours. Currently there are no premium charges for urgent services.
The turn-around-time (TAT) for providing you with solution in urgent matters is 4hours and requests are both in Hindi and English languages.

Yes. If draft has not been shared with you, we will refund the amount within 7 working days in the same account from which transaction has been done. However, the transaction fee which the payment gateway service provider charges will be deducted.

Once the draft has been sent to you for confirmation, there will not be any refunds as our service is purely intellect based. The draft provided by us is an intellectual property which can neither be returned by you nor controlled by us. Since we have provision of two revisions of the draft you have paid for, we will ensure that your concern is addressed to your own satisfaction.

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Legal awareness and awareness of rights are basic necessities. However, due to the reason of cost, time and trust, legal consultancy remains inaccessible to most of us. is an initiative to address this problem. We endeavour to make legal awareness not only accessible but also useful in your day-to-day lives. Read more....